Hiring Plumbers Stafford

The problems with hiring plumbers in Stafford is that it’s a relatively small city, therefore you don’t have the huge competitiveness of a large city that drives down prices. Plumbers with good prices are hard enough to find at the best of times but in areas such as Stafford where there are few to be found, it can be even more difficult.

The way to combat this is to phone around and do your research on the internet before hand. When you’re talking to prospective plumbers as them upfront what it costs to do a certain type of job. By doing that you will be ensuring that you get realistic quote, rather than having a plumber turn up and make a price up on the spot which are often inflated to what they should be.

The same advice goes for things like a boiler service stafford, for this type of job you should be able to get a standard flat rate quote. You should never let a plumber or any tradesman start a job and then ask about the price afterwards. Once they have carried out the work, you’re obliged to pay whatever they ask for (within reason).

Carpentry and oak beams services

A good carpenter who works with oak beams and other similar woods can be a difficult things to find. Unfortunately with carpentry it’s often a service that is tacked on to other trades such as plumbers and bricklayers rather than being a discipline on its own. Hiring someone who tries their hand at carpentry and working with oak beams in the spare time can be a real pain because very often, tasks require a specialist who is adept at working with these types of materials.

<carpentry oak

In order to save yourself a fair bit of money when working with these types of tradesmen, it can be often worth sourcing your oak and other building materials yourself and avoiding the premium that some people tend to charge. Great ways to find spare wood is by looking in unlikely places, for example look in your local newspaper for adverts for oak beams that say something like ‘railway sleepers for sale‘ or something similar. This is often a great way to find reclaimed wood very cheaply.

Carpentry costs tend to vary widely, a great guide to what you should be paying can be found here. Be aware too that specialist wood related jobs such as fixing timber joists require a specialist carpenter too. Not all tradesmen who fly the ‘carpentry banner’ are capable of the jobs that you want them to. Be sure that you ask up front about asking what the capabilities of the carpenter that you’re in discussion with are, that way you can save yourself a lot of problems down the line.

Electric curtain installation home services

A new service that’s out there at the moment is electric curtain installation.  The most popular brand out there of electric curtains that has taken the market by storm are makers of silent gliss curtain track who supply these electric curtain tracks. This fast going niche is really taking off in Britain but has been long established in America.

Electric curtains do exactly what they say on the tin. Fortunately though, rather than having to do away with your own curtains, these devices are designed to replace your existing blinds track while keeping your existing curtains. This means that any home can be adapted to use these devices.

electric curtains

Increasingly servicemen are offering installations of these devices but you need to make sure that they aren’t charging over the odds. As with any new new device out there when people aren’t sure of the price they should pay, there are those who like to exploit this. A reasonable price to be paying for electric curtain installation is around £100 in total, excluding parts of course.

Prices for the actual electric curtain tracks themselves vary from model to model and brand to brand but typically you’re going to be paying on average around £300 for a middle of the range model.